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Sustainable Fashion Movement


If you know the true impact of textile/fashion industry, it’s daunting.

Our soil, air and water are contaminated due to overloaded textile productions and landfills. Human beings are contracted with skin diseases and other illnesses due to these contaminations; some even died. Garment workers and farmers are exploited due to our insatiable demand for new clothes.

There’s no silver bullet to these daunting mess we’ve created, but if we could all do our part, it will get better.

Here are 3 ways we could take some responsibility :


1. BUY Secondhand

Buy the existing supply of clothes; the most effective way to curb the demand.  


2. SELL Secondhand

Your clothes can have multiple owners before reaching the landfills. Decomposition of dyes and chemicals in textile contaminates the land and air.


3. Buy Less, Buy Better

If you are buying new clothes, buy better quality items that could last longer in your wardrobe. 


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